Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to The Terminator!
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Arnold schwarzenegger returns to the terminator at the age of 72!

Most people know Arnold Schwarzenegger when he appeared in The Terminator, since then he was in many more of the squeal movies. 

In a couple of days the new Terminator comes out and there is loads of hype as he is appearing as the original Terminator at the age of 72!

The father-of-five is pumping iron and is getting fit for the brand new Terminator which comes out on  the 25th October!


At the age of 72 Arnold still has intense fitness routine to keep fit on the set and the shooting of the movie

The franchise has came along way from the first Terminator which came out in 1985. But the first Terminator could still be the best Terminator that has ever came out.

Also Linda and Arnold was delighted to go through the memory lane of The Terminator.

Arnold says "We were very happy working together and had a great time on set and shooting, as always"

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