The Circle: Who is the person that James has used for Sammie?
3 months ago 77 Carl

Who is the real Sammie that James has portrayed in the circle?


With another season of the circle is over everyone is still wondering who the person James has used in the photos for "Sammie" 
During the show, James has claimed he didn't know the girl he used for the photos. but then later revealed to the press that the identity was nearly very different.

He originally wanted to use photos that were close to him but was uncomfortable for them to be used. However, the producers still wanted James on the show so the producers gave James the chance to use the photos of someone he does not know. 

He is keen on meeting the real person behind the Sammie photos and that he doesn't think that there are any single mums out there who would dislike me for what I have done or disliked me, they understand. 



The real reason why James went in the circle portraying as a single mum was because he adored more than anything was his own mum as she brought him up on her own. 

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Poor Ella :(
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