Lady Gaga Falls Off Stage
2 months ago 45 Oreos

Lady gaga falls off stage when she jumps into fans arms

During a show in Vegas, she fell off the stage while trying to jump into a fan's arms for a cool show.

She invited a random fan up called Jack to come and assist her on stage. Unfortunately, Jack lost his footing and accidentally dropped her off the stage into the audience. "We legitimately thought she was dead", said one Reddit user that was at the show. 


Fans were worried as she lives with fibromyalgia. This is a condition that causes pain all over the body. It can also lead the increased sensitivity to pain, memory problems and sleeping difficulties. 

However, despite falling off the stage, she calmed the audience, assuring them she was alright as security guards helped her get up.  "Everything's OK," she said. "The only thing that's not OK is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up."

Lady Gaga also comforted Jack who was in tears as he thought it was his fault. She asked Jack to forgive himself for what happened and asked the audience to be nice to the fan on the internet.

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