Johnson & Johnson recalls baby powder
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ASBESTOS found in johnson & johnson baby powder

The baby powder was found to contain trace amounts of asbestos by the US drug and food administration. After this information was found Johnson & Johnson recalled all their products, however, some parents will most likely still be using contaminated items.


^ Johnson & Johnson HQ 

Baby powder is made of talcum powder, which is found with asbestos in its raw form, however, the powder should be refined more for cosmetic grade talcum powder to remove asbestos. The regulation of the cosmetic grade powder is very poor which could be the reason why the powder was contaminated.

J & J have already received lawsuits from multiple parents, awarding £22.6 million to one mother that claimed the asbestos gave their child cancer. 

This news leaves many parents worried about the health of their children that use the powder, so we can assume that more lawsuits are to come in the future. 


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