Drunk Airline Passenger Tries to Open Door Mid-air
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A Drunk Passenger Tried to Open the Door of an Aeroplane, 33000 Feet in the Air

A passenger who was rowdy on an airplane tried to open a door, 33000 feet in the air. It took many people to pin this drunk man in the aisle, and then wrap him in cling film. This was in the hopes that he would stop lashing out, although that did not stop him. The plane, who was headed for Phuket, had to make an emergency landing in Uzbekistan, where the drunk man was arrested.

The same person was caught smoking in the plane's toilet, and when the cabin crew found out, he started to lash out, and even tried to open the door of the plane. Passengers were helping to crew to try to pin him down and block him from going anywhere.

There was more panic when the pilot suddenly put the seatbelt sign on, presumably to keep the passengers away, and in the hope that the drunk man might sit down.

Although, when the plane took off again, another two incidents occurred, when two more drunk fellows got into a fight. What is even more confusing is that is was a no-alcohol flight.

A third man also smoked inside the plane's toilet. 

They were all arrested when they landed in Thailand.


You can see the police telling the drunk man to get off the plane.

Passengers were relieved to still be alive.

TV reporter Elena Demidova was on this flight and recorded as much as she could. If you would like to see this video, you can watch it here.

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