The 'Earlier' Mona Lisa?
2 months ago 48 Leah

Was an 'earlier' version of the Mona Lisa discovered?

It has recently been reported that the 'Mona Lisa', an extremely historic painting which was beautifully illustrated by artist Leonardo da Vinci wasn't the first one, as thought by many people.

A picture has been going around, clearly showing a picture of the Mona Lisa hanging above a fireplace in a family home. However, the photo was taken before the 'original' Mona Lisa was even created.


The photo that has sparked this whole debate, with the Mona Lisa painting very obviously hanging over the fireplace.

Many people are convinced it is, and a court case to be held in Italy will explain it all.

A second Mona Lisa?

In the year of 2012, a group organisation called the 'Mona Lisa Foundation', presented to the world a second painting of the Mona Lisa.

Seeing as the Mona Lisa is one of the world's most famous paintings, discovering something dramatically shocking regarding the painting would surely turn the artistry world around, confusing a lot of people.


The 'second' portrait, which has confused people everywhere. 

The organisation sent out evidence upon evidence to try back their claim that it was a second painting of the Mona Lisa, a previously unknown version of the outstanding portrait. 

They state that they likewise portrait to the Mona Lisa is owned an unnamed international consortium. When the organisation is confronted about the topic of ownership, the general secretary of the Mona Lisa Foundation, Joël Feldman, replied with this: "The foundation, as a matter of policy and in compliance with its obligations, does not comment on the ownership consortium."

However, South-Londoners Andrew and Karen Gilbert have a completely different story to tell, which is that they own a 25% share in the portrait. 


A photo of Andrew and Karen Gilbert, the pair claim to own a 25% share in the portrait. 

When the pair contacted the Mona Lisa Foundation after the portrait was unveiled in 2012, the organisation said they simply "didn't know anything about us", and said, "They weren't the owners and just tried to bat us away as someone inconvenient".

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