Google gains 5 years of NHS data
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NHS gives google 5 years of patient data

Google has been speculated for creating an AI for medical use and this is another step towards that AI.


^ Googleplex HQ Mountain View CA.

The NHS is the most used health service in the UK as it is free to all EU citizens in the UK. Over their years of operation, they have collected petabytes of private patient data, from ethnicity to conditions of each patient.

The NHS signed a deal with Google to provide information for Google's AI training program, the NHS is trusted by a lot of people, however, this poses an issue. The NHS is selling our private data just like most other modern companies.

This poses a new question, is the government a safe place for all our data. 

NHS has done this before and technically broke the law as they failed to inform patients that their data was being sold. 


Do you think the government is trustworthy?

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So untrustworthy....