Does Taylor Swift Luck This Hockey Team?
2 months ago 45 Yovanny

Does Taylor Swift luck this Hockey Team?

Taylor Swift has collected a long list of successes throughout his career. Since it was introduced in the industry back in 2004, there have been multiple large venues in which the sold-out tickets poster has hung.

One of them is the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, a place that decided to pay tribute to his talent after running out of his tickets 16 times. That is why the Los Angeles Kings hockey team placed a huge banner in their stadium with the words "Taylor Swift, most performances with tickets sold out."

What seemed an affectionate memory, has become one of the greatest enemies of the followers of this team. After winning the Stanley Cup in 2012 and 2014, the Los Angeles Kings had failed to pass the first round of playoffs. Taylor's poster was hung in 2015, so the team blames its bad luck on this tribute to the singer.

To play with superstition, the team decided to cover the poster and, by chance or not, they won the next game. His audience soon created a petition through in which they demanded the withdrawal of this object.


"The connection with our followers is our highest priority and they have made it clear that the cartel should not be part of the Kings game experience," explains Michael Altieri, vice president of Marketing, Communication and Content of the team at the Los Angeles Times.

In addition, after holding that game, the team itself launched a joke through Twitter in the form of a suggestive dart. "We are undefeated when the Taylor Swift poster is covered," said his message. However, the president of the site Lee Zeidman is not about to remove it.

Whether superstitious or not, this has generated a real stir in social networks. On the one hand, there are the followers of the Kings, who demand the immediate withdrawal of this memorial object from Taylor Swift. The fans of the singer, meanwhile, criticise his reaction and say that Swift has nothing to do with the victories and defeats of their matches.

One of the arguments they use in their favour is that of the defeat of the Kings against Vegas Golden Knights in a later meeting in which they also decided to cover the cartel.

And you, on which side do you position yourself? let us know down below!