3 Network Outage Prompts Complaints
2 months ago 62 Carltherave

Three UK customers left fuming over network outage

On the 17th October 2019, Three UK experienced a network outage which was caused by the previous night. Customers were not able to make phone calls, receive texts or have any 4G signal. There is currently an investigation taking place into what caused the outage. As a result of the outage, people took to Twitter to express their concerns to Three. 

Three has responded to the issue and say they are "working on the issue" and apologized to more than 9,000 customers without coverage from 8 am BST.


A few tweets that were sent in regards to the outage are as follows:

"Three mobile network down. Luckily son has college visit otherwise he’d have had to travel to school without 4G. "Anyone who has a child with #Autism will understand the relevance of this. Really feel for those children today whose anxiety will be through the roof.".

Another tweet said: "No service anywhere, website not working, etc. Imagine being out at midnight and having to call 999 and not being able to do it. Incredible!".

Their website is currently down under "Essential maintenance" and the mobile app is unavailable at this time. 

Now, what can you do if you're affected by this outage? 

1. Give them time to fix the issue on their end. 

2. If you need to use the internet during the outage, try and use WiFi when possible and turn on WiFi calling if you can use it. 

3. Seek compensation if the issue has not been fixed within a length of time. OFCOM said give them "Reasonable time".

4. Restart your phone at 11:59 pm and see if the issue has been fixed. 

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