Is a Coldplay/Daft Punk collab on the horizon?
2 months ago 79 Samuel

Rumour has it that Daft Punk are going to be collaborating with Coldplay in their (Coldplay’s) next album. 

The band announced that they would have more “experimental” material in their next album, whilst also releasing a more mainstream album in 2020.


The article is set to be released by Coldplay, a band well known for songs "Viva La Vida" and "Adventure of a Lifetime"

The album is set to be called “Mission A.B.O.R.T” and was leaked onto an Italian fan page for the band on Reddit.

Daft Punk fans are looking forward to this album most of all though as the last time the group released new material was in 2016, as they released the album “Starboy”.


Daft Punk have not released an album since 2016

The leak hasn’t been confirmed by either of the bands, so keep a lookout for more information!

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