Google Stadia Hit Or Miss?
2 months ago 109 Colo

Googles game streaming platform, Stadia

As the popularity of games rises amongst the younger generation, the demand for games has risen. As time goes on, games become more and more demanding on your system. Solutions have been created like 'GeForce Now' and 'PlayStation Now' which allow the user to move the heavy processing to servers around the world.

The only issue with these solutions is that the servers can be located far away, which makes the streaming of the game harder and increases ping.

Google promises to fix those issues with the use of its plethora of servers located all around the world. Google presented Stadia at an event and displayed the seemingly seamless process between transferring devices when playing games.


^ Stadia's speed (Source: Google Event)

The product seemed very promising and now google has announced a release date, November 19th they will release the "Founders Edition" of Stadia, and the pro version will release some time in 2020. 


^ Stadia Controller

Do you think stadia will live up to all the hype? Let us know!