Child 'Minutes Away From Death' is Saved by BMW, then Raises £500,000
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Child 'Minutes Away From Death' is Saved by BMW that called 999

A BMW called 999 automatically and saved a teenagers life. Ms Duke, who was 40, went unconscious when she collided in Sheffield while taking her two kids to school. The car slid on some black ice, and Ms Duke lost control while going 55mph. Her 2014 BMW 3 series automatically calls 999 if the airbags are triggered.

Bradley Duke was 14 when this happened, and he was sitting in the backseat next to his brother, Hayden, who was 9 at the time. Bradley had suffered serious skull and spine fractures. Ms Duke woke up to hearing 'we know where you are and help is on its way', from the emergency services, which at the time she didn't realise.

Ms Duke said, "He would not be with us now if it weren't for that safety feature in the car", "If he had been lying there for just a few moments more he would have died.


Ms Duke told her kids "we're going to crash" after the handbrake failed while driving down a hill.

Ms Duke and Hayden only suffered minor injuries, compared to Bradley who had a piece of his skull missing, and reportedly you come see the flesh. It is thought Bradley's injury was due to the fact that in panic he undid his seatbelt. Seconds after the crash Bradley stopped breathing and was unconscious. 

As soon as the emergency services arrived Bradley was put into an induced coma, flown to Sheffield's Children's Hospital in an air ambulance. Then he was sent straight into brain surgery.

The family was told that he might not make it, after being put onto a life support machine. Luckily, 9 days later, Bradley woke up. 

He then spent the next month in the hospital, to then be discharged. After he could go, he had to learn basic skills, like reading and writing.

The crash happened on January 13, 2017. Bradley's rehabilitation still continues today, but his mum tells us that he is 'almost back to his best'.

Bradley added, "I feel very lucky, if it wasn't for the technology in the car and the doctors in the hospital, I wouldn't be here today'.


No one in the family knew about this feature in the car, and a BMW spokesperson tells us that when the airbags are set off in an accident, a BMW call centre will call the cars SIM card, and if it isn't answered they will send for the emergency services.

Bradley recently took part in a fundraising drive where they raised over £500,000 for a helipad at Sheffield Children's Hospital.

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