The man who did the FIRST Spacewalk has died age 85.
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Space's "greatest" man has passed away, aged 85

Alexei Leonov was the first person in history to participate in a space-walk. He helped discover a breakthrough for science and space! He was tethered to his spacecraft by a 16ft cable, to put that in perspective, that's about 3 Tom Hollands! In 2014, the BBC asked Leonov to describe what a spacewalk feels like because I am sure everyone was curious. He said "You just can't comprehend it. Only out there can you feel the greatness - the huge size of all that surrounds us," 

Despite this, the legendary, historical and groundbreaking walk nearly ended in disaster after Alexei's suit inflated! This meant that he struggled greatly to get inside of the spacecraft again. Luckily, he managed to release some of the Oxygen from his spacesuit. He stated that his feet came out of his boots and he thought he was going to be plunged into darkness! 

Commander of the Soviet crew of Soyuz, Alexei Leonov (L) and commander of the US crew of Apollo, Thomas Stafford (R), shake hands after the Apollo-Soyuz docking manoeuvres on 17 July 1975

 This was during the US and USSR Space Race, where the 2 countries did a basic race for power for who could land on the moon first and / or who could make it into space first. It is still widely disputed to this day who won the race but most believe it was the U.S.A.

He was not only famous for his spacewalks. He also made a number of artworks in Zero-Gravity. He was a self-taught artist and apparently used this to pass the time. This was the first-ever time of a recorded artwork in space. It was made using coloured pencil and was able to see in 2015 as part of an exhibition. See below his amazing artwork.

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His death will be a great loss to Space history. Rest in peace.

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