Target starting Toy R Us 2?
2 months ago 54 Goodin

is Target starting up a Toys R Us 2?

Starting Tuesday Target now hosted's new website for the new beginning of all kid's dreams Toys R Us. Toys R Us CEO Richard Bary said that target was ultimately tapped to power the website" For target, this is a great deal Target toy departments are being very successful. Target is getting a big remodel in over 500 stores.


Target this month have also added lots of toy improvements. Target also made a deal with Disney to make "Small Disney stores to some of there stores" Target has also hit 20 years of different partnerships. Which is a big thing for Target. Also this month Target hit 20 years being a partner with Starbucks! “Toys has always been an important category for Target,” Said Targets SVP of Hardlines, Nikhil Nayar.

disneyxtarget_1.jpg?w=700&h=437&crop=1Toys R Us says by next month they will have 2 stores open, 1 in Houston and 1 in Jersey. Also, TRU hopes to have 10 stores open by the end of 2020. Targets will power online sales in stores with Target's new stock system. Target also goes on to say they feel like there will have a regular inventory this year in toys and not be blown like in there normally Holiday Season. The reason why Target has partnered with Toys R Us are 2 reasons. First, their system they have in a place like the company they own named Shipt.hero-target.png

Millions of American same-day delivery on almost all Target items. Also, the other reason is before the TRU started to fail they were getting massive inventory and Target hopes that if they can pay back those vendors that they can cap on that massive inventory for the holiday season to compete with companies like amazing. 

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