Plans to storm Irn Bru factory?
2 months ago 125 Colo

Iron bru fans plan to storm the factory for the recipe!

Iron Bru has been a popular Scottish drink ever since its launch in 1901, and its recipe secret ever since.


^ Iron Bru's old cans

The popular Scottish drink Iron Bru has been a fan favourite for years until the new British sugar tax came out. And instead of increasing pricing for the product, Iron Bru decided to lower sugar usage.

This left fans outraged as it permanently altered the taste of the popular drink.

A Facebook group emerged after the popular Area 51 raid group that plans to storm the Iron Bru factory to gain access to the original recipe. 

Even though the likelihood of the factory getting stormed is low, around 700 people have said they will turn up at the factory even just for a small protest. 


^ Barr soft drinks factory

Barr (The owners of Iron Bru) haven't responded to the plans to storm as of yet but if the plans go ahead it may be possible the recipe will get changed back.

Do you hope the recipe returns? comment below!

2 months ago
IRN BRU not Iron Bru but will let you off, I think IRN BRU XTRA taste better considering it has no sugar!
2 months ago
Lmao didn't notice that.
2 months ago
The new taste is actually better? Now that I've been drinking it so long when I've tried the old one recently it's so sickening :)