Trump fails to pay his bills
2 months ago 88 Colo

Donald trump refuses to pay scottish government

The current US President Donald Trump owns many properties around the world, one of which is a golf course in Aberdeenshire. 


^ Trump's golf course

The Scottish government built an offshore turbine farm just off the coast of his golf course, the farmhouses 11 turbines that generate electricity for the people of Scotland.  

With his golf course being near the coast, the turbines ruined the view from the holes, Trump claims the government confirmed that they were not to build the turbines.  

With a hotel planned to be built adjacent to the courses on-site, Trump was angry about the government allegedly lying to him. He decided to trigger a lawsuit against the government in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, which unanimously voted against him.


 Trump's hotel in Scotland

After losing the suit against the UK, Trump has refused to pay the legal fees set by the government. The Trump Organisation has refused to cough up the tens of thousands of pounds fined by the Scottish Government. 

With Trump facing possible Impeachment by the US, this is just another problem to add to his pile.

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