The First Looks At Microsoft's Surface Neo
2 months ago 62 Ben

First Insights Into The Microsoft Surface Neo Are Beginning To Appear!

In 2009, Microsoft began to envision the first of its kind, dual-screen device.  Its project name, was Courier.  As the years went on, this idea of the dual-screen device that Microsoft had imagined, slowly faded away.  Now, 10 years later, we're receiving first looks from Microsoft's Surface Neo!  Expected to be hitting stores, late 2020!

The Microsoft Surface Neo has been revealed to have many modes:

Reading Mode

In this mode, the dual-screen device is folded out and held in a book-like position.

Each 9-inch screen folds out to make a 13-inch workspace, great for reading.

Laptop Mode

This is where the Surface Neo folds out and sits on the table as a laptop.

You can set up a keyboard and mouse, making the ultimate dual-screen laptop.

(There is also a software keyboard included!)

Other Modes

There is also a presentation mode, designed purely for presenting.

Or you can just use the device like a normal tablet, simple.


However, Microsoft has been working on a completely new software for the device.  They have designed Windows 10X, this isn't like any normal new Windows software upgrade though.  Windows 10X will run, everything, and it will have on an Intel processor built inside of these devices.  This basically means your traditional desktop apps will be able to run, everything will work.

Now, this is where the Surface Neo really shines.  In the image I attached above, you are able to see this emoji-styled keyboard above the main keyboard.  This is pretty similar to Apple's touch bar on the Macbooks.  Here, you can send gifs, emojis, and attachments to your friends or even upload them to emails!

You will also be able to pin things like Netflix & YouTube videos to this tab, so you can watch your favourite shows while you work.  There's much more like this coming to the Surface Neo.  Another example of the dual-screen devices, you can watch a video on one screen, while you take notes on the other!  The possibilities are endless!


Although we don't know much about these devices yet, we do know that Microsoft is hoping for them to be launched around 'Holiday 2020'.  Many fans are wondering, 'Why are they giving us the first looks of these devices now?'.  Well, it is rumored that Microsoft knew these were going to end up being leaked somehow.

So they've released these first teasers, so nothing can dramatically be leaked.  Although the software is still being worked on, Microsoft has a year to get this ready!  However, there is still a lot of competition in the market, such as Android and Huawei who are already beginning to create these foldable phones.

Microsoft really wants developers to start working on apps that would be dedicated to this device, they really want people to go wild and create some amazing things!  Nothing major has actually been released, we don't know anything about price, specs or availability yet.  All we know is it should be released, late 2020!

What do you think about this new device and would you buy one?  Let us know down below!