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2 months ago 62 Francesca

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson unite again!

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have had the YouTube community holding up eagerly, yet the exceptionally foreseen trailer is at last here. 

On Tuesday, the two vloggers dropped the trailer for the arrangement, "The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star." A grave presentation from American Idol star Catie Turner opens the four minute video, before changing to various moments of gatherings, travels on private jets, and candid moments. To put it plainly, the trailer filled its need: it left fans needing quite a lot more. 

In any case, the parts that had fans in a condition of unadulterated energy was when Shane cried as he watched Tati Westbrook and James Charles address their fight on their separate channels. As an individual from the tight-weaved magnificent community, Jeffree assumed a little job in the discussion, however, neither Shane or Jeffree remarked on the issue finally. 

On his Instagram Story, Jeffree said that he, Shane and their companion Andrew Siwicki have been shooting the arrangement since January. While he didn't share much other than the discharge date, Jeffree said that the "whole premise of this series is so important for the makeup industry." 

"Saddle up," he cautioned. 

Be that as it may, even after the arrival of the trailer, it was still unclear what exactly the series will explore. Shane and Jeffree have held the content under tight wraps for a large portion of the year, besides the incidental indication that they're taping, which just adds to the publicity encompassing the venture. 

In January, Jeffree patented "Conspiracy" for an up and coming beauty product line. In the event that the bits of gossip are valid, at that point, the pig-molded mirror and sack in the video could be a piece of their task together. 


Regardless, viewers could hardly wait to see it drop on October first, particularly considering the accomplishment of Shane's arrangement where he exchanged lives with Jeffree. In those video blogs from August 2018, fans commended Shane for stripping back the drape on Jeffree's puzzling life. 

With the video now released, I will not spoil anymore!

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