New Playstation 5 information!
2 months ago 68 Jamie

Sony has finally released information on the upcoming gaming console of 2020, the Playstation 5.

The new console is said to be released in time for the 2020 holidays, something a lot of us will definitely be putting on our Christmas lists!


The new console, which will most definitely come with updated hardware, has focused highly on the new controller. This is something that personally excites me to see as it will change the feel of gaming massively. They're working on a new Haptic feedback system which brings a new level to the way you experience gameplay, for example, if you were to play Minecraft and wield a bow and arrow, as you draw the bow, you'd feel the tension within the L2/R2 triggers. 

The overall cosmetic design of the controller with remain similar to the currant Dual-Shock range. 

Another change from the PS4 range, is the newly designed interface, there's going to be a lot more available apps to use and the ability to launch into specific parts of a game, all of this just from the main screen, this being a single player level or a multiplayer match, this would make it substantially quicker than doing it from the games main menu.

Sony are still yet to publish major details about the console, such as the VR capabilities, manual game installation, the overall cosmetics of the console, and most importantly, the price of it.

Now in the comments, I want to hear what you're expecting from this new console and your opinions. are you excited for it? 

2 months ago
I've never been apart of Playstation but this looks exciting