Major firm reduces its creation of “virgin” plastics
3 months ago 96 Samuel

Expect to see about 350,000 tonnes less of new plastic on the shelves, as major brand Unilever vow to cut down on their creation of new plastics.

Most informed people know that one of the most urgent environmental issues is a large number of new plastics made per year, and top brand Unilever are taking their stance on the issue. The group are in-charge of over 400 well-known brand names, including PG Tips, Dove and Lipton.


Ice Cream manufacturer Walls is one of the over 400 brands owned by Unilever

These “new” plastics, technically known as virgin plastics are made using all raw materials rather than recycled resources.

The group informed the BBC that one of the main reasons the action was taken was to keep their products appealing to younger customers who may be wary of the amount of plastic they are using. They also remarked that those born between 1980 and 2010 particularly cared about the sustainability of the products they are buying.

Executives told the public that, “Our starting point has to design, reducing the amount of plastic we use, and then making sure that what we do use increasingly comes from recycled sources."

The firm is also planning on cutting down weights by using lighter materials, also made using more recycled plastic.

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