PayPal drops out of Facebook's Crypto currency!
2 months ago 111 Colo

Paypal announces they will not support facebook's cryptocurrency

Facebook announced they would be releasing a cryptocurrency on June 18th this year, called Libra. Facebook announced that they aim to make money transferring easier online with Libra.


^ Planned partners before some left.

Soon after the launch, PayPal partnered with Facebook so they could transfer the cryptocurrency between PayPal users, which could have made the currency very popular with PayPal's huge outreach.

Quite a few big supporters of the currency dropped out, including PayPal. Facebook said "We're better knowing about this lack of commitment now, rather than later" Libra planned to launch in 2020, however without this huge backing from big players in the online payment industry it might delay the launch. Facebook hasn't commented about how it will affect the launch though.

The cryptocurrency was very popular a while ago, since then it has dropped down. However, this launch could create more hype around the currency. 

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