No Coffee For You!
3 months ago 69 Alex

Boris Johnson advised not to hold coffee?

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was handed a nice hot drink to him after lots of media interviews. He was given it to him by an aide (an advisor), as they walked down the conference centre in Manchester.

Just a few seconds after being handed the hot beverage, cameras were able to pick up: “Thank you - what’s this?”. But just a split second later, before he knew it, another aide had come and snatched the coffee cup away from Boris. Confused, Mr Johnson continued to walk down the aisle with his hands in the air. The aide muttered: “Oh no - you shouldn’t hold that,” as she snatched the plastic cup away. To try and stop any drama, she whispered “Not on camera,” to the Prime Minister. However, the sentence was still picked up.

Acting good, Johnson told the person that gives him the cup not to provide any disposable cups as they are bad for the environment. Later on that day, Boris Johnson posted a picture of him finally getting his coffee; just this time in a proper mug.


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