Plane 'Ran Out of Fuel' With 5 Now Dead
2 months ago 34 Henry

At least 5 People have Died in a Plane Crash

A plane crashed in Lviv! The plane was forced to make an emergency landing when, reportedly, running out of fuel. The Antonov-12 cargo plane crashed just over a mile from its destination runway, at the Lviv airport.

The plane vanished from radar around eight and a half miles from the airport. Possibly due to loss of power. My guess is that the plane may have glided from the point it disappeared off the radar, to where it landed. This would mean it glided for around 6 miles.

Pictures from the scene show critical damage to the cockpit, wings, and engines, due to the rough ground it landed on.



This specific plane has been in service for 51 years, since 1968. 

Emergency services have said that there were no fires after the plane crashed.

Several crew members and one person who was accompanying the unidentified cargo were on board the flight. One of the injured crew members had called the emergency services to tell them that they had crash-landed.

It is believed they were planning a refuelling stop before they continued to deliver the cargo to Instabul.

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