Instagram launches new app
2 months ago 151 Colo

Facebook's Instagram launches new app "Threads"

Instagram has been a leading app for the younger generation for years! After Facebook purchased the app back in 2012, people have been speculating about Instagram's next venture. 

The new app will be called "Threads" planned to be a mix of Facebook's status feature and Instagram's photo-sharing service, however, the plan is to make it close friends only. Which means that influencers will struggle to gain any sort of following.


^ Some of the features planned to be in Threads

Instagram has tried to make other apps before, like "Yubo", Yubo was made for teenagers to meet friends, however, it uses a Tinder type matching system. Yubo hasn't caught on with the younger audiences of today. Will Threads suffer the same fate?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps these days. Since Threads is used for photo sharing people have speculated that it will be a direct competitor to the popular app. 


Do you think threads will take over snapchat? Let me know below!