Touchscreen Typing Speeds are getting close to Keyboard Rates
2 months ago 68 Henry

The speed at which people are typing on their touchscreen is getting close to being faster than they type on a keyboard.

Speeds of mobile typing have increased to an average of around 38 WPM (words per minute) when these same people are getting a mean of 53 WPM on a computer keyboard. Out of the 37,000 people who took part, those aged 10-19 were around 10 WPM faster than older people.

The data was taken from 37,000 people who spent time typing on a smartphone and typing on a computer keyboard. Keyboards can allow people to reach over 100 WPM, with the fastest ever recorded being someone typing at an incredible 212 WPM! Even due to this people can only really get out 35 - 65 WPM on average.

The fastest typer on a smartphone, in this test, reached an amazing speed of 85 WPM. All of this fast typing comes by spending time practicing it. Newer generations are growing up around this tech, and some have been typing for almost all their life. This explains why kids spending so much time on computers, or smartphones, typing away has made them become such quick typists, and often the fastest typists in a household can be a teenager.


Typing on a smartphone has its advantages, with the speed being heavily helped by auto-correction systems, but if the word predictions are wrong, that can slow the typist down. The time it took for someone to look to see if a predicted word was correct was too slow, that they would be a faster typer if they didn't even look.

I certainly take advantage of auto-correction systems, and these can save you thumb taps, but often can correct it to the wrong word. Yet, you can get a word horribly wrong and it still gets what you mean.

Dr. Feit said, "The rapid increase in phone typing speed is remarkable, given people's unfamiliarity with it."

Touch typing is a common strategy used to speed up typing speeds on a keyboard. Typing on a traditional, physical keyboard can be sped up using techniques, and you can be taught to type faster. Whereas, smartphones haven't yet developed their own ways fully, and there are no specific 'training programs' for this sort of thing.

I would've certainly been interested in taking part in this study. As for me, I spend a lot more time on a PC than I do on a phone, but I can still type fairly fast on a phone. I do know that I can reach speeds of over 90 WPM on my physical keyboard, which is fast compared to a lot of people and can often amaze people with these speeds.

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