Apple Putting An End To "At Home Repairs"!!
2 months ago 62 Goodin

Is Apple assisting in the closing of small businesses?

On Apples, new devices include the iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max. Apple has made it so it will detect when you break your Screen and you go to one of those little repair shops or you do it yourself. That is not put on my Apple or an Apple-certified pro. If you don't have 1 of those 2 do it you will get an error like this:


After lots of tests from Ifixit, they have determined this. They have tried to swap screens with another iPhone 11 and still got the error. So they may be thought it was like the Face ID or something with the sensor so they swapped all the front phone parts to still get the error. This concludes that you have to have Apple do it or a certified technician. Why Did Apple do this? It is simple, for the money!

Image result for apple certified refurbished

On the other side, Apple has released a new program that allows independent shops to register to become Apple Certifed. You have to go through a lot of training to get Certifed.

For now, the mainly only place to get your screen replaced is Apple, Bestbuy, Your Carrier and more local places based on your location. Also, the Apple Certifed tool on their website doesn't work so you will have to go and look outside the window of the store and see if there is a sticker that says Apple Certifed!

This new fix will certainly hurt the Phone Repair shops and also will also be hard on iPhone tool companies, Lastly, this is going to make iPhone Screen repair fixes skyrocket. The most explainable reason for this move is the cause of the new screen protector that is invincible or close to invincible one. 

Will you be reconsidering apple after this? comment below!