Shane O’Brien to be finally sentenced in court!
4 months ago 140 Alex

One of Britain’s most wanted men, Shane O’Brien, has finally been found guilty of murder.

After murdering somebody inside a pub in 2015, O’Brien fled to the Netherlands and tried to change his appearance by growing long hair, growing a beard and getting his tattoos covered. He used fake identity to travel to several different countries around Europe. These countries were: Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. He was getting away with it for a while, until early 2017.

Once he fled, he ended up being on the most wanted list for the International and European police (Most Wanted). In 2017, he was arrested for assault but he got away after using a fake name. He fled the country while he was on bail.
Finally, Shane O’Brien was captured in Romania on the 23rd of March.

After being sent back to England on the 5th of April, he will be sentenced in court on the 17th of October. Pictured below is Shane.

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