Japan's last pagers send messages for the final time
4 months ago 92 Joseph

THE FINAL PAGERS are to be made redundant!

Over 30 years ago, pagers were the best and most popular communications device for budding medical engineers and people alike. In 2019 however, only 1 pager company remained - Tokyo Telemessage.

Pagers were small devices that could interpret 'beeps' or other sounds, and in their final stages, text.

Pagers were developed in the 1950s and had 10 million national subscribers at their peak. Tokyo Telemessage was the largest company out of them all with 1.2 million subscribers. Back in the 1980s, lots of students used to use them to contact friends and family. However, when the mobile phone arrived, the usage of pagers began to slowly decline, until only medical services were using the technology.

In the United Kingdom, over 100,000 pagers are still in use, mainly for the National Health Service. The UK government has promised to phase them out by 2021.


The last subscriber to Tokyo Telemessage was a man who used the service to contact his mother.

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