BTS confirms collaboration with Becky G
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BTS confirms collaboration with Becky G

BTS and Becky G has confirmed a collaboration that will be coming up very soon.

They announced the collaboration on Twitter by tweeting;

"Soooo... #BeckyHasAnotherSecret."

BTS tweeted back;

"Hey @iambeckyg, I have a secret, too... #CNS."

It wasn't long until Becky G responded back to BTS with some 'shh' emojis.




Becky G teased the collaboration back in June 2019.

She told iHeartRadio;

"We might have a little something-something... we definitely connected."

Earlier this year in August, BTS fans noticed Becky G posting about Korean snacks.

It came by surprise for sure as BTS just returned to work after recently going on a break from music.

Fans were going crazy posting stuff from;

"ur telling me that while I was off this bird app for A FEW HOURS, a whole Becky G and BTS collab was confirmed?????"

Fans were also posting stuff like;

"All I ever wanted was a BTS x Becky G collab please don't clown me y'all"

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