Conspiracy Calendar: Week Five (The Simpsons)
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This weeks topic: The Simpsons

By now, you have probably ended up sitting through an episode of the long-running comedic tv show "The Simpsons". Some of you have most likely heard about the conspiracy theory regarding The Simpsons. If not, the theory goes that The Simpsons can tell the future and represent this in their TV shows. This week, we are going to focus on this one conspiracy theory, and I'll show you different times this has happened! 

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9/11 was a horrific terrorist attack that happened on the 11th September 2001. It killed nearly 3000 people. The twin towers in New York City were hit by 2 separate planes. This was alongside the Pentagon being hit (the government military operations base) and an attempted but failed attack on the White House. 

In 1997, an episode was produced showing Lisa in New York City. At one point Lisa holds up an ad for a bus service offering $9 fares to Gotham. Only check out (in the illustration) how eerily the 9 works with the two tall buildings yes, THOSE tall buildings to spell: 911. With 'New York' right above them. With this eerie connection, one could only assume they knew or were even involved. To this day, we still don't have a definitive answer.

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The Trump Candidacy (and escalator scene)

By now, you should have seen one or two clips of Trump's candidacy campaign. He went around the country pitching to the whole of the U.S.A why he should be president. He went to certain places, at specific times, at specific dates. Surely, The Simpsons wouldn't be able to predict something so precise? Wrong. They predicted it with insane timing, it was almost Ironic.

The Simpsons did an episode about Trump running for president, in this episode, you see Trump going down an escalator. People are holding and waving signs in the air. See pictured below the insane resemblance between the 2 pictures. Notice the date stamps on both too! One was in 2000 and one was in 2015!

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Rigged Voting Machines

Rigged Voting Machines have been a problem ever since they began. There is no way to verify votes, no way to make sure everything is done correctly, as well, it is a computer! With human verification, there is more of an aspect of rules and reliability. The Simpsons portrayed the problem (which became a reality) in their usual yellow, cartoonish form. Homer is seen voting for "John McCain" when he wanted to vote for "Barack Obama". He tried multiple times.

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This was then seen as a reality in the 2012 elections when people tried voting for Barack but it voted for Mitt Romney instead! This not only highlights the dangers of these machines but also how so easily it can be predicted, even by a nighttime comedic show aimed for family.

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