The Final Still Game Theatre show starts at Hydro Glasgow
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The final still game theatre show begins again!

Last night, the funniest, as well as longest farewell in Scottish showbiz history kicked off and the good news for fans is that Scottish comedy show Still Game is going out with a bang.

After 21 years being as Jack and Victor, it was the beginning of the end for creators Ford Kiernan & Greg Hemphill’s beloved characters as the last ever Still Game live show premiered at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow.

With a sold-out crowd lapped up every gag, every put-down & every twist of some of the funniest Still Game scenes ever.

As the atmosphere built inside the Hydro theatre, the excited crowd were getting in the spirit with Jack & Victor ‘taches, & with a nod to the pair’s earlier work to which greeted fans, as they were asked to “Gonnae no dae that” when it came to taking pictures and videos.

Nobody had to ask “how” either.

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The theatre show takes up from where the much-loved television sitcom gracefully concluded earlier on this year, as we saw Jack & Victor fade away as they walked up into the hills, along with with the rest of the cast as well as a much older Boaby the barman.

And as the curtain fell, thousands of fans were dancing & laughing in the aisles as the best Scots comedy show in history took a bow.

In the famous words of Boaby the barman - "Look who it wisnae".

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