A robot is now on sale for the price of a car!
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Spot is on sale! a new step for robotics!

The robot Spot has been long in manufacturing and testing by the robotics company, Boston Dynamics. This is alongside many of their other models which have different uses, one has a claw arm, one has working arms and legs and one even has the ability to do parkour! See all the different types below. 

Image result for boston dynamic robots

They look like something out of a post-war game like Fallout, right?

Spot, the name of the robot, has some amazing qualities such as:

- It can carry up to 14KG!

- Run time of 90 mins.

- Can work in conditions up to 40 degrees Celcius.

- Can stand itself back up.

- A top speed of 3MPH (no dominating robots at that speed)!

A lot of people are referring Spot to a very similar robot out of the hit TV series "Black Mirror". In the episode Metalhead, a robot of similar shape was in pursuit of a woman. This was set in a post-apocalyptic setting. It was made to highlight how robots will take over the world, is this the first step?

  Black Mirror robot;                                                                             Boston Dynamics Robot;

Image result for black mirror robot dog

Image result for black mirror robot dog

People have said their plans for the robot, ranging from making it do manual labour, to just getting a beer from the fridge! This leaves people divided on if the robot will be used for its purpose or not.

What would you do if you owned a robot like spot? comment below!