The Road to Zero Emissions
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The Road to Clean Energy

As you've probable heard, most scientists have agreed that if we don't become zero-emission, hundreds of millions people will be affected. The world would come to disaster! The UK have taken action and have promised to become zero-emission by 2050. Along with the UK loads of over countries have promised to become zero emission, some, even by earlier than 2050.

The wind power revolution of the UK was arguably started in Delabole, where one farmer's roof was blow off by wind in a storm. His mother said, "If only we could use the wind rather than be done in by it". This got the farmer (Martin Edwards) thinking.

He spent the next four years negotiating wind turbine prices in Denmark, fighting the local council to get permission, and then persuading the local, rural, community. In 1991, Edwards had managed to create the first commercial wind farm in the UK, consisting of 10 turbines.


Edwards said the locals thought that they were 'fruitcakes', but no one really objected as no one knew what it would look like.

Turbines may seem slow, but at the tips, they spin over 100 MPH. As they start to get bigger and bigger, they will spin quicker, and generate more power.

Over the past few years, the prices of wind power has dropped incredibly. Costing about 2p a kWh. Within the space of 3 years the UK went from only being able to survive for 30 minutes without coal, to being able to not use coal for a whole week. This was the first time coal wasn't used for week since the 1880s.

Over the past 28 years, the UK has stopped using coal as much as they could, and renewable energy has become the 'backbone' of the grid.

The end of the road to getting to zero emissions is getting a lot closer than expected.

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3 months ago
2050! I'd be surprised if we hadn't destroyed the Earth by then so much that there'd be no point in going to zero-emissions and we'd all be in a disaster or not even be here!