Bebe Rexha sends a feminist message in the song 'Malefica: Master Del Mal'
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Bebe Rexha sends a feminist message in the song 'Malefica: Master Del Mal'

It's about 'You Can't Stop The Girl'

Without a doubt, Maleficent is the most scary villain in Disney.

Her way of laughing, her gait and that mysterious aura that surrounds her have meant that thousands of children throughout history cannot sleep at night.

Disney, who knows that she had great potential to discover in this character, launched Maleficent in 2014 to tell the story of Sleeping Beauty from her point of view.

With Angelina Jolie in the skin of the villain, the film became a success, and since Disney does not know when to say enough, she decided to release a sequel that arrives in theaters in October: Maleficent: Teacher of Evil.

For the first film, Disney signed Lana Del Rey to sing the classic Once Upon a Time of the original film.

Of course, it gave a much bleak touch.

Well, in this second part she takes over Bebe Rexha.

The American singer gives voice to You Can’t Stop The Girl, a ballad full of girl power.

And it does not surprise us, since the film will narrate the war between the characters of Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer, where Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning) is in the middle.

No one can stop these women:


The lyrics start with;

“You can't stop the girl.

They’re tryna take your voices, they’re tryna make our choices so we scream loud.”

It is not the first time Disney has launched a theme of female empowerment.

A few months ago, in the new adaptation of Aladdin, we saw Jasmine singing Speechless, a song that was very popular in the public thanks to her feminist message.

To watch the movie we will have to wait until October 18.

Luckily, the wait will be shorter with the hit that has been marked by Bebe Rexha.

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