Missing toy monkey found at Buckingham Palace and returned to schoolgirl after letter to Queen
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Missing Toy Monkey found and returned safely to 5 year old girl!

A 5 year old girl from Australia called Savannah Hart took her sweetly tattered toy monkey named Harriet on a trip to the United Kingdom to visit the Buckingham Palace with a tour. 

This little girl placed her toy somewhere in the residence of the Queen and family were assuming that this toy monkey would be stuffed in the palace's lost property collection. 

The staff at Savannah's school, Woodside Preschool in Australia, wrote a letter to the Queen if the monkey could be found and returned. Staff at the Buckingham Palace set out to locate it. 

Harriet the monkey

Luckily for Savannah, her toy monkey was located by staff at the palace and safely returned. The monkey called Harriet didn't return home alone though on the 9,000 mile journey from the United Kingdom to Australia. The monkey was accompanied by the stuffed corgi who goes by the name of Rex, from the Buckingham Palace. 

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some crazy school to fly 5 year olds to the other side of the world