Girl, 11, throws a loaf of bread at an armed robber
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Girl, 11, throws a loaf of bread at an armed robber

An 11-year old girl managed to stop a robber armed with a knife by throwing a loaf of bread at him.

The robber masked in the picture shown below was making an attempt to steal from a supermarket in Sussex but he was left empty-handed after this young girl threw a loaf of bread at him and bottles of squash. 


Police Officers from Sussex Police praised the girl for her bravery especially when she was conscious the robber had in possession of a bladed article but the suspect is still apparently at large. 

The man walked into an Express Supermarket located in Worthing before 10pm on Monday 16th September 2019.
He made threats to the staff at this supermarket to empty the tills so he can steal all the cash.
Luckily, he got caught by this girl and her father and no one was harmed. 

The Closed Circuit Television from Express Supermarket shows the father and his daughter throwing two bottles of squash and a loaf of bread on him.

The robber was unsuccessful in his attempt at taking all the cash from the till as a result fled from the scene empty-handed.

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