Gatwick to finally use Facial Recognition!
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Gatwick revolutionising check-in!

Facial Recognition is everywhere. On some phones, in the streets, in train stations (you can find out more about that here) and more! It is used for verification, identity and in some cases even to collect info on you (scary). Facial Recognition is also in places you don't really expect such as Snapchat filters and your iPhone Camera (you can see this as they can make albums based off peoples faces).

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Airports in the past few years have adapted to the new passport control system of facial recognition, but Gatwick wishes to take it a step further and use it for other reasons. The main one being a Facial Recognition Check-in system. If you have ever been on a plane, you will know the agony of lining up waiting to board. With this brand new system, that would be a thing of the past. 

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This new system allows for quick and instant check-in using your passport face. It will use basic biometric techniques to recognise and analyse your face to make sure you are who you say you are. It will probably use the database which holds everything about your passports anyway.

One problem which may arise from this is travellers not knowing they can opt-out of this system for any reason they wish. This has got privacy and consent groups riled up. Due to Gatwick using this data, they have not yet outlined how else they may possibly plan to use it.

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