Glasgow gang caught with £600,000+ worth of Drugs
4 months ago 100 willow

Glasgow is currently the uk's biggest drug hub

Keiran Adams, Stephen Kelly, Donald Dunbar (and more) were caught with £600,000+ worth of drugs. 

Some of the drugs they were caught with are Cocaine, Heroin and Etizolam. 

Pictured below: The gang members


They all admitted being involved in the supply of drugs between November 2018 and March this year.

The court heard that Kieran Adams, 28 and from Clydebank and Stephen Kelly, 31 from Glasgow ran the drug selling business. This group is one of the largest distributes to Glasgow. 

The total amount of drugs seized by the police had a maximum street value of £649,593. This included thousands of Etizolam pills with a street value of over £100,000, 

A search was taken at one of the accused flats with thousands of Etizolam pills with a street value of over £100,000

Police are still investigating and are in the process of recovering more drugs from properties around Glasgow.

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