Boy who ‘had enough of life’ receives 10,000 birthday cards!
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Boy who ‘had enough of life’ receives 10,000 birthday cards.

Rhys Williams, 13, has a rare skin disease called Epidermolysis bullosa which causes his skin to have blisters and his fingers to fuse together.

His 13 hard years is a great achievement, since most people with the disease often don't make it to adulthood. Due to his frail skin, parts of his body stay bandaged, so they stay protected. He can't go out in public without being accompanied by an adult, he can't play any sports, or do anything that you and I take for granted. It's even to the extreme where his mum can't even hug him.

Children with this condition are called 'butterfly' children.

Over the past few months, he has been feeling low. He wished a butterfly would 'come and take him away'.

He even said he 'had enough of life'.

As he celebrates his 14th birthday, his mum wanted to give him a happy birthday. She sent out a call to social media to send his cards and letters. The response was overwhelming. Tanya Williams, his Mother, said he received over 10,000 cards. He couldn't stop smiling! He says his favourite present so far was a headset and an XBox game, from someone in L.A.

One day a whole van turned up, just with boxes for Rhys


There is also a facebook page that has been set up. His mother said, "It restores your faith in humanity".

If you are interested in sending a card, send it to 40 Whalley Ave., Bolton, BL1 5UD.

Would you want so many cards?!

If you ever have suicidal thoughts, you can always head over to