Russia Is Quick To Acknowledge The UK Arrival Of Three US B-2 Bombers
3 months ago 113 Ben

Three B-2 stealth bombers, nuclear-equipped, arrived in England at an RAF base

This slick-looking aircraft, capable of dropping massive earth-trenchant bombs, arrived in RAF Fairford at the end of last month.

A press release issued by EUCOM stated that they were 'training with partners, allied nations and other US Air Force units.'

These aircrafts were reported to be taking part in the 'Bomber Task Force mission'.

These missions supposedly enhance critical alliances, strengthen readiness and reinforce deterrence.

The aircraft was scheduled to operate out of England, RAF Fairford.


This is where it gets interesting:

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is quick to acknowledge the arrival of these bombers just days after an interception was called on Russian aircraft approaching British airspace.

Ben Wallace, Defence Secretary, stated that Russia was determined to test the UK's resolve and to push the international norms.

Two Tupolve Tu-142 Bear bombers were spotted approaching UK airspace, the RAF were quick to take action and then called this interception.


Many people are grateful that there are officials to uphold the UK's security 24/7.

The determination to hold up the security from the RAF was acknowledged and praised for, this situation could have ended a lot worse if the correct action was not taken.

The RAF is prepared to stand proudly alongside their allies on Europe's borders and continue to make the right decisions in order to protect our nation from any more International threats!

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