New Trains for the Isle of Wight
3 months ago 84 Ashley

New Trains for the Isle of Wight

It was announced today that after 30 years of the 1938 Tube Stock operating on the Island Line, that the trains were finally to be stood down and replaced with Vivarail's new solution to the Island, the Class 484.

Made from the old London Underground "D Stock", these new trains are 2 carriages long and have been transformed by Vivarail.

Residents of the Bedford to Bletchley line operated by London NorthWestern Railway have already experienced these new trains in the form of the Class 230, referred to by many as the "D Train."
South Western Railway have ordered 5 of these new trains for their services on the Island, with the first one expected to start testing on the line next year.

Andy Mellors, Managing Director of South Western Railway, said:
"This is a great day for the Isle of Wight.
I want to pay tribute to our team at Island Line who have kept the current 1938 stock going for so long and to all of the stakeholders who helped us develop our proposals.

I look forward to our continuing partnership as we deliver the next exciting chapter in Island Line’s history.”


As the name suggests, the old trains are now 80 years old and well past their life expectancy.
Originally built for the Northern Line, these units were transferred to the Island in 1989 where they've remained since.

Now with their withdrawal looking imminent, some are asking what will happen to these iconic trains, will it be scrap or preservation, only time will tell.

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