New Possibly Habitable Planet Found!
3 months ago 85 Henry

Water Found For The First Time On Another Planet!

111 light-years away, lies an atmosphere, hiding a planet. A planet with traces of water.

Yes! That's right, water. Water was found on a planet 111 light-years away. This planet may be habitable, and may already be inhabited. Scientists estimate that in around 10 years, our telescopes will be powerful enough to work out whether the atmosphere is made up of gases that living organisms may have produced.

This exoplanet, which means it is a planet discovered outside of our solar system, has an atmosphere. This makes it a likely contender to be able to contain living organisms or commonly known as aliens. Although, this planet won't be a reasonable planet for us humans to inhabit, as it is too far away. At this point, the most likely planet that we will inhabit is mars, although we shouldn't rely on that being our only hope. Not everyone on the Earth would be able to fit on mars. As mars is about half the size of Earth.


Discoveries like this do bring hope, but we shouldn't always forget about our own planet. We need to make sure that we fix this Earth, and stop the environment from collapsing. If you want to help the Earth, a good start would be to buy a metal straw, and not to leave lights on as much. You may even want to start cycling and walking, to try and avoid using cars as much as possible.

The lead scientist of this discovery, Prof Giovanna Tinetti of University College London (UCL), said this discovery was "mind-blowing". The planet has been nicknamed 'K2-18b'. One of the problems is that we only have Earth for data points, so we don't know what the criteria is for a planet to be inhabitable, and how world's can still be inhabited despite their features.

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