Blenheim Palace - Stolen Toilet?
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Stolen Toilet?

During a burglary last night, an 18-carat golden toilet was stolen from Blenheim Palace! 

A group of individuals broke into the palace at around 4 am on Saturday the 14th.

The unique toilet is classed as artwork, however, incredibly, it is working order and is frequently used by the public!

Unfortunately, the toilet hasn't been found, but its only been a few hours since the burglary. Since the burglary however,  a 66-year-old man has been arrested.

The burglary has caused significant damage and flooding throughout the impressive Palace due to it being a working toilet.

The Palace in question was also the birthplace of ex British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill!

Last month, the palace commented about them doubting the shiny toilet would get "nicked, due to the high amounts of security." Clearly, they were wrong!


Palace visitors are free to use the toilet, but were limited to 3 minutes inside to prevent queues!

This exact toilet was surprisingly also offered to Donald Trump back in 2017!

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