Two huge asteroids are heading right towards us?!
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two huge asteroids are heading right towards us..

NASA announced on Friday, 13th that two asteroids are going to pass right by us. One is nicknamed 2010 C01 and is estimated to be around 120 - 260 metres wide. This one is due to pass around 11:42 PM EDT (which is Saturday 14th 4:42 AM in the UK).

The other is called 2000 QW7. Not as much is known about this asteroid, but it could be up to 650 metres wide. This asteroid should pass tomorrow, Saturday 14th, at 7:54 PM EDT PM (September 15th, 00:54 AM for the UK).

Near-Earth objects (NEOs) are asteroids and comets that have orbits that cause them to come within 30 million miles of the Earth's orbit. The first asteroid of these two was discovered in 2010, and the second one in 2000.

Asteroids have a particular naming system. The first section is the year of discovery, e.g: 2010 C01. The next three characters represent around what day they were discovered. The first letter depicts the half-month of when it was discovered. The letter 'C' means that the asteroid was discovered between Februrary 1-15.

The rest of the name tells you when during that half month it was discovered.


 Each of the asteroids are passing at about 14 lunar distances, which is 3.5 million miles away from the Earth.

 This means that the end of the world isn't near, and they   will pass the Earth safely.

 If you're scared we're going to be hit by an asteroid soon, there is a 1 in 110,000 chance the Earth will be hit by an   asteroid by 2106.

There are many articles about when there will be a hit or a very close pass by, so you can always look them up on Google.

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