Conspiracy Calendar: Week Three
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This weeks topic: NEW WORLD ORDER

Now, I was going to save the centre point of all conspiracy theories to another time but now seems fitting due to recent political news regarding lies and deceit.

The New World Order (let's use NWO for short) is a theory regarding an almighty power.

Do not be fooled, the NWO is not the same as the big brother conspiracy.

The NWO refers to a totalitarianist government which rules over all governments.

They work on a global scale and control the governments which control us. 



For many conspiracy theories, they base around secret organizations.

Freemasons may be one of the main ones.

Freemasons are one of the oldest secret organizations, dating back to the 16th - 17th century.

The Freemasons have been through their share of conspiracies, such as their apparent dabbling in Satanism.

It is believed that many US Presidents are a part of the Freemasons.


It is believed they have their own political agenda and control many governments.

They are one of the sources of the apparent NWO.


Another main conspiracy is that aliens are the NWO.

The belief (in lamens terms) is that aliens from other planets have landed on earth and they control ALL OF US.

It is believed that they have planted aliens disguised as humans into the world.

They have been among us for decades, centuries, etc.

It is believed that one day they will rise and conquer.

This has been around as long as alien conspiracies,  for more on aliens, check out last weeks edition here.


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