Google plans a tech managed city?
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Does google intrude privacy?

Google is one of the leading companies in the world, creating product after product to attempt to improve day to day lives, but can technology sometimes be used excessively. Even though Google has good intentions, where do we draw the line between big brother and life improvement?

Google wants to make a town controlled and monitored by technology to make predictions about busy times, areas of interest, etc. They have been criticised for their tech being "unnecessary" and "creepy". The idea is to create statistics about the area from simple monitoring, but other people think they have better ideas.

Park in Toronto

Some people have said it's not worth fixing something which works perfectly fine, for example, pathfinding. This is a technique of planting grass, seeing where it has been trodden on and building a path there. Google's idea is using sensors to track routes. This may seem like a great idea but many have seen it as creepy and intrusive+

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What are your views on the technology being used this way, comment below!