2,100-Year-Old Phone Discovered
3 months ago 100 Henry

archaeologists discovers 2,100-Year-Old Phone!

On the 8th of September, 2019, archaeologists dug up an object that closely resembled an 'iPhone'. The 'phone' was discovered with a thought-to-be fashionable young women from 2,137 years ago.


The object is made of gemstone jet (a type of lignite) with small pieces of semi-precious stones. It was found in the Ala-Tey necropolis, a reservoir near Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam, Russia's biggest power plant, was drained.

Experts say the body was a young woman who lived in the Hunnu-era (Xiongnu) in southern Russia. It is believed she actually wore the object like a belt buckle.

Her burial with a Hunnu-era (Xiongnu) 'iPhone' remains one of the most interesting at this burial site.

On the 10th September 2019, at 6 PM BST, the new iPhones will be released, and live-streamed on YouTube.

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