Jamie Laing quits Strictly Come Dancing after suffering an injury
3 months ago 64 Kakashi

Jamie Laing has quit Strictly Come Dancing after he suffered a foot injury leaving him unable to walk.

Jamie Laing has been seen walking on crutches recently after he fell practicing the group dance routine, the BBC has said "Sadly, due to an injury, Jamie Laing will no longer be able to take part in this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing. As the Strictly launch show is pre-recorded, Jamie will still feature in this programme which airs Saturday, September 7." 


Jamie is deeply upset that he cannot continue he was excited to be on the dance floor he wishes all the couples the best of luck and hopes that they enjoy their time on the show, he thanks all of them and hopes they all do very well.

Producer Sarah James has said "We are so sad that Jamie won’t be able to take part in the series, he had already lit up the ballroom during the launch show with his boundless energy and enthusiasm. We all wish him a full and speedy recovery."  Other participants have sent their love to Jamie and wish him a speedy recovery. It is believed that another celebrity will fill in for Jamie before the official show airs.


Ahead of his appearance, he told the cameras that he wanted to be on the show to make his mum proud as Strictly Come Dancing is her favourite show and it will make her happy to see Jamie on the show. When Jamie found out he was going to be on the show the first person he told was his mum when she was told she screamed and went quiet as he thinks she found it overwhelming.

when the rest of his family found out they all started freaking out, he said he really wants to win and he had a direction of what he wanted to achieve and he needs to work his way back he said he really wants to win Strictly Come Dancing and that is what he is going to do.

He wanted to perform to MMMBop by Hanson as his dream song.

Strictly Come Dancing starts Saturday at 7.10pm (BST) on BBC One.

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