Conspiracy Calendar: Week Two
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do they exist or are they just conspiracy?

This Weeks Topic: Aliens

Aliens were one of the topics which started the conspiracy community. There is a wide range of conspiracies regarding what they are, where they come from and overall, do they exist? This month especially, many theories have arisen due to the possible event of the year, Area 51 raid. This has brung many old theories to light, let us explore some, shall we?

Area 51

Area 51 is a widely talked about place where apparent aliens are stored. This is due to the sheer secrecy of the base and comments from the previous staff. Needless to say, the "previous staff" were dealt with. This was one of the many things to raise suspicion about the base.

Apologies for the low quality, it is bad CCTV. This was taken inside a hotel where a former staff member had been staying. The two men entered the hotel but were never seen leaving. Some people call them the "Real life men in black". This was after he made a videotape going into detail about what went on in the base, you can find this online.

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UFO Sightings

UFO's are one of the key talking points about Aliens, as, after all, they are their suspected mode of transportation. They are normally described as rings however theories speculate they can be a variation of shapes. This is the most common Alien hoax using complex CGI to attempt to trick a stubborn nation.

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Most UFO sightings turn out to be hoaxes, even if they are not, the government will turn them down either way. This is due to why would you arise a problem of confidentiality and censorship if you can avoid it? UFOs have been investigated and evidence has supposedly been found but there are sadly no reliable sources.

Crop Circles

Crop Circles are normally found in large areas of fields and sometimes occur around the same areas. They are often seen as too intricate for any humans to make however there could be explanations. One of these is centuries-old markings discovered due to heat, however once again, often viewed as too detailed for any humans to make.


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There is sadly not much proof this wasn't done by humans, but it is deemed unlikely. They could be to attract tourism, as most hoaxes are, but they could also be part of a wider conspiracy!

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