Rita Ora proud to perform at Avicii’s tribute concert.
3 months ago 72 Kakashi

Rita Ora is looking forward to takING the stage at Avicii's tribute concert.

Rita Ora will join stars such as Aloe Blacc, Adam Lambert and David Guetta who will perform at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

Rita Ora Said "it will be a beautiful way to remember the producer and DJ who died in 2018". while she was GC Mean of the year awards she has said  "I honestly don’t know the details yet but as soon as they asked me I was like, 100% without a shadow of a doubt." she has also stated that she is really looking forward to the ceremony as its meant to be beautiful and she is really happy that she can attend.


Rita Ora said that she was so happy to have worked with Avicii and that he was one of her favorite producers and it was a dream for her, she says to have that last song with him was really special to her.

Tim Bergling (Avicii) was found dead last year in his hotel room in Oman. The Avicii Tribute Concert will be  for Mental Health Awareness the concert will be taking place  on 5 December, and is said to have I a line up of 19 singers who will be performing his biggest hits, All profit made during this event will be going toward mental health charities. 


Avicii's father Klas Bergling has said that this concert it what Tim would have wanted as he wanted his music to be performed with a huge live band, this will give fans a chance to experience his music in a unique way, Klas is very grateful for all his friends, producers, artists and colleagues that are going to help at the concert they have all expressed interest to lend their support in the Tim Bergling Foundation.

Avicii's family are looking forward to the evening which will be a starting point for their foundation, they would like the concert to put attention on the stigma of mental illness. Policies and tools are needed to detect the risks and prevent suicide, especially among young people.

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